Building owners, consulting engineers, and contractors face more challenges today than ever before, both in new and retrofit construction. New energy efficiency demands, IAQ standards, and fast track schedules have all created new pressures in today’s construction industry.

Our commitment is to create intelligent solutions to these challenges through high quality HVAC equipment, built with our customers in mind. Contact Air Wise Sales engineers to tap into our expertise and our experience based on thousands of installed applications for the answer to your HVAC challenge.


Our most recent delivery to site, Sheridan College, two 40,000 CFM dehumidifcation units. The units are Dual wheel DOAS unit for low humidity applications with Chilled Beams. The units are oversized to reduce static pressure in the system. They incorporate multi-wheel fan arrays, heat recovery and passive dehumidification. The units are R-22 3” foam insulation, Fully thermal break construction and all aluminum cladding to reduce weight and extend the life of the AHU. The units were third party independantly tested and passed at both 12” at 0.5% leakage and 14” at 1% leakage with out reversing, blanking or taping the doors.

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